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Cecotec Articulated Memory Foam Mattress (19 cm thickness)

by Cecotec
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Don't deprive yourself of a good rest every night, get the Premium Cecotec memory foam mattress (19 cm thickness)!

    • High resistence articulated centre
    • Maximum security and firmness that facilitates movement
    • Specific mattress for articulated bed base
    • Great adaptability, resistence and durability
    • Perfect for people with higher weight and who spend long periods in bed due to health reasons
    • High-quality memory foam layer: maximum comfort
    • Cloud effect: distribution of pressure points, maximum relaxation and better circulation
    • Quality materials and fibres that help prevent mositure buildup and maintain a pleasant body temperature
    • Removable cover that facilitates cleaning and maintenance
    • Elasticity and consistency: corrects posture during rest
    • Memory foam: adapts to the shape of the body for a better rest
    • Sterilised in hyperbaric chamber: eliminates virus and bacteria and minimises allergies
    • Ecological: free of toxic elements and recyclable
    • Unndeformable centre: 16.5 cm
    • Hardness: medium
    • Density: 23 kg
    • Breathable
    • Anatomical and breathable
    • Hipoallergenic, anti-mite and antibacterial
    • Cotton fabric
    • Permanent ventillation
    • Electrobiological